What’s FreeBitcoin ?

** It’s FREE !!! **

FreeBitcoin is a FREE application that allows you to earn Bitcoins. Launch the app and try to win up to 20 Bitcoins! It's easy and you win every game!

  • Pay Table
  • 7777 ************ 5 BTC
  • 1111 / 2222 / 3333 / 4444 / 5555 / 6666 / 8888 / 9999 ************ 1 BTC
  • XXXX (occasional number mystery) ************ 20 BTC

What are the conditions ?

You must have a Bitcoin address and install the application on your mobile ☺

How do I receive my winnings ?

From the amount of 0.005BTC you receive an automatic payment of your winnings. Upon delete your profile thank you to contact us to e-mail:

How we win the BTC?

When you play a video ad is launched. It is what allows us to generate money which is then donated to party gains.

About us ?

We are a French collective of freelance developer organized around our "guru" :P KMEDINI ... For all contacts, we will answer your questions as soon as possible via our mail: freebitcoin.app@kmedini.fr